Follow the right procedure with the best debt collection agents

The success of a business depends mainly on how it manages its vast operations. It deals with various day-to-day activities so that there is a smooth flow of operations. However, it becomes difficult to keep track of specific issues like if customer does not pay invoice, debts, invoices, debt collection, lawyer debt collection, debt recovery, commercial dunning procedure, money collection and pending bills. Since a business has to deal with many incoming and outgoing invoices daily along with the bills’ due dates, sometimes the inflow does not happen. The primary reason is the customer. Customer does not pay invoice, customer does not pay for services or customer does not pay craftsman invoice either intentionally or for other reasons.

Hence, it disrupts the smooth flow of the business as it fails to acquire cash from them despite repetitive reminders for invoice collection. Therefore, it becomes an added burden on the company to collect the receivables arrears from the defaulting customers. Hence, the only solution to get back on track is to hire an anwalt forderung eintreiben for debt recovery, customer does not pay for services, or commercial dunning procedure who will take care of the matter from money collection to recover outstanding debts.

Ways to recover outstanding debts

Every business has its norms in collecting outstanding bills, or invoice collection from its customers. Usually, the company summarizes its dues from the customers at the end of each month. Then, a reminder by email goes to the defaulting customers regarding their dues at the end of each month. In addition, the company takes up the duty to send notices to the customers for their pending invoices. Finally, since the customers tend to forget to pay the bills on due dates, a reminder, and the receivables extrajudicial dunning procedure expiration are given to them.

The Correct extrajudicial dunning procedure expiration

If your customers are not paying the dues of the invoices within the due date, automatically, they become defaulters. There may be various reasons for the default. However, some customer does not pay craftsman invoice intentionally on time. However, the business does not consider anyone separately. A company treats all customers according to the usual recover norms of debt. Hence, when you hire a lawyer debt collection agent, he will follow a specific procedure for invoice collection. A lawyer will first check the outstanding amounts that are due to the firm.  Then he will make a list of the defaulting customers and the months of default. Finally, he will start the following process of invoice collection or collecting the recovery of debts.

  • Reminder by email

reminder by email to the defaulters for their collecting outstanding dues is the first step of a lawyer debt collection agent. Usually, two to three reminders by email go to the customers. On receivables the mails, the customers gradually start paying a little more for the outstanding dues. However, if he still has further outstanding due amounts, he must pay more than before to clear his debt.

  • Dunning procedure

A dunning procedure starts if a customer fails to pay the outstanding debts despite several reminders. Usually, a dunning procedure starts from a regular district court. If you are an entrepreneur, you will not handle the situation unless you hire a lawyer.  It will help you collecting your open invoices in full or in part payment. However, since a dunning procedure gets its initiation from the court a final reminder with threat of legal action sample will go first. There are certain additional costs involved for final reminder with threat of legal action sample.

What happens if you bear the responsibility yourself?

If you do not want to bear the lawyer‘s costyou have to take the entire risk. You may not know the exact procedure to get back the claim and ultimately fill lose your money. Moreover, you will think that you will save money on reminders, warnings, and enforce claims without a lawyer debt collection agent. However, during the recover process, if the debtor becomes insolvent and files for bankruptcy, it will become difficult to collect the outstanding dues from the customers. It becomes an additional burden for the business as they need to maintain a separate account.

However, hiring a lawyer debt collection agent will not have to face harassment since the lawyer will take care of enforce claims and debt collection. Hence, if you outsource your financial recover, the lawyer debt collection agent can do wonders for you. You will get the claim amount from the customers. Moreover, there is no additional cost; hence you can try free services. Once you are satisfied, you can hire them officially.

More security

If you hire a lawyer debt collection agent, you can assure yourself that you will receivables your share of the claim as the lawyer will take care of your outstanding dues of open invoices and ensure that you do not lose. However, there are specific charges of lawyer for the extraordinary services of open invoices you will get in return.


You can take the services of the lawyer debt collection from anwalt forderung eintreiben if you want to get back your outstanding dues. They are experts and have the experience to deal with all the open invoices.

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