Car Accident During Pregnancy – What The Car Accident Lawyer Says

Car accidents may cause different injuries for the mother and fetus. In some cases, both mother and fetal can sustain life-threatening problems. If you are pregnant and have faced a car accident, then read the article. Hope, it will give you the best guidance from a Personal Injury Lawyer possible.

Let’s know first what are the injuries that a pregnant woman faces suddenly after a car accident.

Placental Abruption

This is a common cause of miscarriage due to car accidents. Placental abruption is normally a placenta detachment from the uterine disruption to supply oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. Even after using a seatbelt property, the accident can take place. Placental Abruption is generally common in the final stages of pregnancy.

Uterine Injury

Generally, uterine rupture is not common during pregnancy. But in a car accident, it happens to the mother. At the time of pregnancy, the uterus stays size. In that case, due to uterine rupture, the possibility of fetal loss is definite. Other complications of the mother include severe internal bleeding.


The fetus inside the womb is surrounded by amniotic fluid. It reduces the risk of miscarriage until the mother uterus gets punctured due to collision. Even in the case of cardiac arrest, the lack of oxygen may cause cardiac arrest.

Premature Birth

More than 5,00 000 people face premature birth annually. In every eight infants, one gets birth premature. If the birth happens before 37 weeks in the womb, then it is called premature birth. If the mother’s body faces strain, then it may lead to premature birth.

What Are The Symptoms That You Should Not Miss After A Car Accident During Pregnancy

  • Abdominal Pain:Abdominal pain after a car accident can occur for many reasons, such as uterine damage.
  • Sudden Vaginal Bleeding:A spotty bleeding is natural during the initial pregnancy. But if it happens suddenly after a car accident, you should immediately seek medical attention.
  • Vaginal Discharge:Amniotic fluid leak is life-threatening for the fetus. It may also lead to the premature birth of the baby.
  • Changes In Fetal Movement:If the fetus doesn’t move in the way it did before the accident, this is a concern and immediately seek help from the doctor.

What To Do If A Pregnant Woman Face Car Accident

·       Maintain The Records

If you are looking for a claim for the injury, you should be careful about the paperwork. In that case, keep the records of hospital bills, doctor, diagnostic bills, etc.

·       Get In Touch With A Lawyer

To deal with the insurance company and claim for personal injury is a crucial task after an accident. Talking with an Accident Lawyer, you will better know your rights and deal better with the insurance adjuster.


This is everything that you should know about car accidents during pregnancy. If you are the victim, then don’t make any delay. Call to use and discuss everything with our Personal Injury Lawyer. They will guide you in the best way.

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