Different Types of Brain Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

Advancements in the automobile arena have indeed made our daily life easier. However, more speed came with a higher risk of accidents. Several people lose their lives due to car accidents every year. Automobile companies do include features like airbags or automatic brakes, but car accidents still occur. Therefore, it is important to check every aspect while driving, no matter how advanced your car is.

The head is one of the most affected parts of your body during a car accident. Many people suffer from trauma from such incidents, mainly due to injury to the brain. There are several types of brain injuries from car accidents. Let us look at some of them.


A concussion is a general term that encompasses all such incidences where the head comes in contact with a rapidly moving object. It can also happen if it moves in a to and fro movement. It is the most common outcome of any head injury during car accidents. You might not have any internal injuries like hemorrhages or cracks. Most people suffer from dizziness, headache, or blurred vision soon after the accident. It can either go away naturally after some time or might require medical intervention.


The word ‘contusion’ means bruise. Car accidents can result in contusion, which might lead to serious brain injuries like skull cracks, internal scars, hemorrhages, etc. The injury can happen on either side of the brain or both sides (Coup-Contrecoup). The sufferer will start feeling the symptoms soon after the accident. In such cases, immediate medical treatment is necessary. The doctor can even opt for surgery to remove the injury from the site.

Diffuse Axonal

Whenever a car accident occurs, the people inside the car feel a sudden violent jerk. Such jerks can cause the brain muscles to tear. Sudden dizziness and numbness spreading throughout the body are common outcomes. You can consider concussion a milder version of Diffuse Axonal in terms of the symptoms observed. It might turn fatal if not treated immediately.


Penetration is the most fatal of all brain injuries from any car accident. This occurs when sharp objects penetrate a person’s head and bruise the brain. Taking out such sharp items from inside the cranium is a complicated surgery. Additionally, such accidents allow very little time to diagnose, and in most cases, the person dies even before treatment. Even after the surgery, the person might suffer from some chronic disorder.

To avoid such scenarios, several companies have installed airbags inside their car. Another crucial component to maintain in your car is the BMW oil cooler, as proper engine cooling helps in preventing overheating and reduces the risk of potential malfunctions that could contribute to accidents. These bags are placed just opposite the seating area. During any accident, these airbags get filled automatically, preventing your head from getting banged on some sharp objects.

These are some common types of brain injuries from car accidents that continue to plague automobile users. To avoid such incidences, be cautious and responsible while driving. Also, ensure that your car’s condition is optimal every time. Do not hesitate to check and correct any issues related to your car. Most importantly, have contacts of your nearest hospitals so that you will get treatment as fast as possible.

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Mary Hammons