Top Reasons To Avoid Probate Court – Guidance About Estate Planning

You may have heard from your friends and families that probate should be avoided in San Antonio Estate Planning.  But did you know why you should avoid probate court or if this is necessary for you or not? Here everything is discussed about probate and reasons to avoid probate. Hope the article will guide you a lot.

What Is Probate

Probate is the process to prove a will after the owner dies. Probates also include selling the estate of a person who doesn’t have any will. If the person has any debts, then the court takes responsibility to distribute them and pay the debts. Apart from that, if the person has no will, the court distributes it as per appropriate deem.

Why You Should Avoid Probate

Probate can take a long time if the owner dies.  If the San Antonio Estate Attorney or executor is involved with the case, it will take a standard amount of money to solve the case. Here are the top reasons why you should avoid probate.

·       Probate Takes Time

The whole process of probate gets controlled by the court. So it takes time. The problem can be fixed in just three months or may take three years easily. Apart from that, when the estate is complicated, or it has any heirs to contest the will, it may take even longer than usual.

·       Probate Is Public Proceeding

For probate, everyone remains in public, such as the court documents and hearings. For example, if anyone wants to collect information about any person, they can easily find it online such as the person’s finance, property, family members, etc.

·       Probate Can Be Expensive

Even for small estates, the probate cost can be expensive. The probate cost mainly includes court fees, personal fees, attorney fees, representation, etc. All these costs may even exceed thousands of dollars.

Apart from that, probate takes a lot of time, as discussed above. Where the money from your estate should go through your beneficiaries, it goes through your probate fees.

·       Probate Can Be Difficult When The Assets Are Another State

As an example, if the dead person had bought any item for use there, then the case can be difficult to claim. In that case, the attorney takes more fees than usual. Even the court makes an unexpected delay in that case.

Should Everyone Try To Avoid Probate Court?

Not in every case probate should be avoided. If the potential creditor constantly makes claims against the property, probate can be difficult to pass. In certain cases, probate can be advantageous. In that case, you should contact a San Antonio Estate Attorney as soon as possible.

Final Thought

There are many ways to avoid probate court. In that case, handle the case to any experienced lawyer who can take care of it efficiently. Otherwise, probate can do the worst for you. If you are in search of a San Antonio Estate Attorney, you can contact us. We handle every case efficiently, so everything goes in our clients’ favour.

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