What are Safety Protocols for Construction Zones? 

With COVID cases decreasing and life returning to normal, people are driving more. They are returning to work and going on vacations. 

This increase in driving means that roads in New York and other parts of the country are in dire need of repair. Roads are crumbling, creating potholes, uneven roads, and other unsafe situations for drivers and pedestrians. 

However, fixing these broken roads is not an easy or safe task. These high-risk projects must occur during busy times, which means construction workers are working next to fast-moving vehicles. Without safety protocols in place, someone is bound to get seriously injured or killed in a construction accident.

How can construction companies keep everyone on the roadways safe? With the right safety management plan. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Have Daily Safety Meetings

Daily safety meetings may not seem necessary but starting each day with a quick training session can help ensure employees know what needs to be done. Getting together on a daily basis allows managers to discuss the day’s activities with the team. This also provides an opportunity to provide updates on scheduled tasks and potential hazards.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

The right safety equipment should be always worn within the construction zone so that employees prevent injuries. The personal protective equipment (PPE) that workers should wear includes hard hats, steel boots, and hearing protection. Harnesses should also be used when working on roofs and other heights. When working at night in low visibility, workers should wear shirts or jackets with reflective material so they can be easily seen by others while performing nighttime activities.

Control Traffic

Construction workers face many risks, including getting hit by motorists. Drivers should be kept aware of changes in traffic flow so they can avoid accidents. Cones and barricades should be used extensively to keep traffic in areas away from workers. Traffic should be redirected via detours, and it should be clearly marked where work zones begin and end. Proper traffic control and lighting should be used at all times to keep traffic moving properly without too much interruption.

Improve Visibility

There is a lot of equipment on construction sites and a lack of visibility can lead to fatal accidents. Construction companies can maintain safety with the help of mirrors and visual aids. When heavy machinery is in use, maintaining contact with the driver is key. Backup alarms can serve as auditory aids and can be very helpful in avoiding accidents. 

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Construction zones can be dangerous for motorists as well as workers. It is important that construction companies have safety protocols in place so that everyone on the road stays as safe as possible. 

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