Can I be charged with DUI even if I ride a bicycle drunk?

You can get stopped while riding a bicycle if you are suspected to be under alcohol, but you might not be charged with DUI (Driving Under Influence). Police officers have every right to detain you for riding a bicycle while drunk. But every state has different laws for DUI. In most states, you can be charged with DUI if you have any amount of alcohol in your system, but in some states, you won’t be charged with DUI depending on BUI laws. It’s always better to drive safe, but in case you are convicted of DUI, it’s advisable to not speak to any law enforcement without hiring a lawyer first, like the lawyers of Felony DUI in Honolulu.

Laws of DUI in the US

DUI laws vary in every state, but DUI applies to all “vehicles” in all 50 states. DUI is criminal violence to riding your vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI is applicable if the vehicle driver has more than 0.08% of alcohol in his system or is under the influence of drugs or any other substance. The penalties of DUI can be severe, which can include jail, fines, suspension of license, and loss of vehicle rights. The penalties of DUI for regular motor vehicles like cars can be much more severe than the DUI for bicycles.

Bicycle DUI laws

In states like Florida, Texas, Indiana, California, and Hawaii, you can be arrested for DUI if you drive a motorcycle while drunk in a public area if you have a 0.08 Blood Alcohol Concentration or more. But in other states like Washington, Alaska, Kentucky, and Virginia, you may be liable for breaking other laws but won’t be penalized under DUI.


If you are arrested in states where DUI is applicable for bicycles, you will have to pay a fine of around $250, but if you are under 21, your driving license may be suspended for a certain period, and you may be penalized for illegal drinking.


It is always preferable to not drink and drive, whether a car or a bicycle, because even if you are not penalized for DUI while bicycling in your state, you could be liable for criminal offences like public intoxication and reckless driving charges. But if you are arrested, don’t panic; stay calm and contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

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