Divorce Process in Canada: How Long Does It Take?

The whole divorce process takes time. No matter where you go, Canada or any other country, even a straightforward divorce will have some form of complication. Legal processes take time, but with the right family law attorney by your side, you can expect the procedure to go smoothly.

Generally speaking, a divorce takes about four to six months considering all the forms are correct. They have to be completed accurately and should be filed promptly. Just in case the spouse wishes to contest the divorce, it will take longer for you to opt-out and start a new life.

Here’s an article that highlights the divorce process in Canada. You may find some of the answers in this quick post.

Factors that Determine The Time Taken For a Divorce

Divorce can be painful, especially when it’s not mutual. People spend countless years together and then one person decides to opt-out. In the case of mutual consent, there could be other things to worry about like kids, settlement, property division, etc.

The reason why it takes more than six months is because the couple needs to come to a mutual agreement. Will the wife get a share of the property and the necessary support from the husband? The husband has to agree to the parenting, property division, and financial support demands.

A divorce can drag for as long – it all depends on how much time it takes to reach a mutual agreement.

The court may not grant divorce till all the issues get resolved (children, child support, and parenting). Once there is an agreement, it takes additional thirty days for an official divorce.

How to NOT Drag the Divorce Case for Years?

The process of filing for a divorce and then waiting for a judgment can be frustrating. However, certain relationships must end for your own good, and that’s why it is recommended to hire a divorce attorney.

There are experienced divorce attorneys in Canada who can help you fight the case and also get the share you deserve.

You need passionate family law attorneys who understand your position and are also transparent with their fee and way of approaching the case.

Do your research and find a good attorney to fight your case. There are experienced attorneys such as Litvack Dessureault LLP divorce lawyers who have helped people to get out of their troubled marriage. They empathize with their clients and fight the case with utmost passion.

Talk about your situation and what you need from your spouse as being transparent with the attorney can help in making your case stronger.

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