Four Important Types of Witnesses that Can Strengthen Your Las Vegas Truck Accident 

If you sustained a serious injury after being in a truck accident caused by another party, you may be eligible for compensation. The accident might have resulted from the negligence of the truck driver or their lack of experience. To improve your chance of getting full compensation, you must be able to provide solid evidence that somebody else caused the accident and your injuries. 

Las Vegas truck accident lawyers can help discover evidence and strengthen your case. They can thoroughly investigate your case to collect the proof you need. They possess the experience and skills necessary for winning this kind of legal case. The following are various kinds of accidents that can be used to support your truck accident case:

Photos and Videos

Truck accidents are physically and emotionally traumatic. You may be confused and unable to think clearly. However, if possible, you need to take photos or videos of the crash scene. But you should only do this if it’s safe for you. Otherwise, you should try to have somebody else do it for you. Photos and videos of guardrail damage, skid marks, and highway signs will help your case. Also, take photos or videos of the damage sustained by the vehicles involved. 

Unless the crash took place on a very isolated part of a highway, there should be surveillance cameras nearby that may have caught the crash as it occurred. A truck accident lawyer can request this footage, making your case stronger. 

Police Report

Truck accidents that result in serious injury will involve a police investigation. Police officers will determine what caused the accident and put together a report of their findings. So, the official police report can contain information that can be used to strengthen your accident claim.

Statements from Witnesses

There is a good chance that somebody witnessed the accident as it took place. Witnesses could be someone who was getting into their vehicle after leaving a convenience store nearby or the driver of a vehicle behind you. If you see witnesses to the crash, get their names and contact information. Their statement can effectively strengthen your story of what happened. For instance, a witness could testify that was running at a high speed. Your lawyer will contact the witnesses later and interview them.

Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction experts use a lot of information such as eyewitness accounts, photos and videos, and police reports for proving the details of a truck accident. also, they visit the crash scene and investigate it. They can determine, for instance, that the accident resulted from a mechanical failure or due to improper cargo load. 

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