How Long Do You Need To Pay Child Support?

One of the most asked questions by most non-custodial parents about child support is “How long do you need to pay child support?” The answer to this question depends upon your case and situation. There is also a misconception that child support is to be paid till the child turns 18 as it has to pay until the child is dependent. You can consult a Lehi family law attorney to discuss the time period of paying child support.

How long do we need to pay for child support?

Parents are responsible for the child’s upbringing until they can bear their own expenses. No law can stop parents from discontinuing paying child support even after turning 18. If anyone wants to stop paying, mutual agreement with the court order and the parents is the only way.

There are a few conditions where you cannot stop providing child support under special requirements. These are if the child could not complete their studies, have a disability, or suffer from a dangerous disease. In these three exceptional cases, no parent can stop giving child support.

When do the responsibilities of child support terminate?

The time when child support responsibilities come to an end ultimately depends upon the country’s rules and regulations. However, there are three common ways through which the responsibilities get terminated.

  • Death

No one has a hand in death. Therefore, unfortunately, if the child passes away during child support, the responsibilities will ultimately come to an end. If you have any due left before the child’s death, you must pay it to the custodial parent. Otherwise, the court can take action against you and regard you as a defaulter.

  • Independent

In most states, child support payments get terminated automatically before 18 if they are legally independent. If a child is independent and can bear their expenses without taking help from parents. If you face any problems regarding this, contact a lawyer to clear your confusion. But do not try to do anything without consulting your lawyer.

In general, a child is considered dependent on parents until they finish their higher studies. Still, some states by law consider the child independent before 18 if they leave home on their own, get married, or join the army. If such things happen, your duties will also end.

  • Adulthood

A child is considered an adult when they turn 18. Therefore, in some states, child support responsibilities end when they turn 18. But you may still have to bear some expenses if the child turns 18 on special cases. 

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