Meeting a Car Accident Lawyer? Read This First!

If you are ever involved in a car accident and were not at fault, you are entitled to compensation. However, the insurance company will try its best to reduce your claim as much as possible. In such cases, hiring a car accident lawyer in Kent will ensure that the insurance company does not try to exploit you. 

While hiring a lawyer can help, you must provide every necessary piece of information related to the car accident to your lawyer. This way, your attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Below are all the essential documents you need to provide your car accident lawyer.

  • Medical bills and records

Collect each medical report related to the injuries you sustained during the car accident. These reports will help you show how gruesome the accident was and may also hold an estimated amount that you had to spend on your injuries. With your medical statements and bills, your lawyer can assess the compensation of your claim and help you get the most out of it.

  • Official police report 

Calling the police and making an official report of your car accident is essential after the accident. The official police report plays a vital role in your case as it is a prominent piece of evidence for your car accident.

The report will indicate all the details of your car accident and will be a verification document that your lawyer can provide to your insurance company. Hence you must give your lawyer the official copy of the report as he will need it to understand your case better.   

  • Eyewitness statements

An eyewitness can help your case, and if you could get multiple testimonies from different bystanders, it would make your case stronger. Therefore, while you ask them for the details of what they witnessed, do not forget to take their contact information. Moreover, these statements will help you claim your insurance.

Take these statements with the witnesses’ contact information when you meet your attorney, as they may want to confirm and understand some of the details.

  • Pictures of the car accident and other damages

Pictures and videos of your car accident will benefit your case as they will prove any property damage and injuries sustained after the accident. In addition, photos and videos of the accident scene will help your lawyer figure out who’s a fault it was and help you claim the damages you faced in the accident.

So, consider providing all the photos and videos of the accident scene to your lawyer, as they are vital pieces of evidence.

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Fawn Ward