Strategies Employers Should Implement To Prevent Sexual Harassment In The Workplace. 

Every employer has the legal obligation to maintain a workplace free from sexual harassment. The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a law that provides protection to employees from sexual harassment. Experiencing sexual harassment at the workplace has traumatic consequences for the victims and can significantly damage the organization’s morale, productivity, and reputation. 

A skilled Sexual Harassment attorney Virginia can help employers implement the right policies and measures to prevent and stop sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace. They also guide you to take the proper steps if complaints arise after investigating them. 

What should employers do to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace?

  • Sexual harassment policies. 

It is necessary to put the right policies in place to prevent employees from sexually harassing other employees. It should define what constitutes sexual harassment, a set procedure for victims that want to file a complaint should follow, and make it clear that any employee that violates the policy will be held accountable and face penalties. It should also be clear that sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the company, and every complaint will be investigated carefully. 

  • Provide compulsory sexual harassment prevention training for all employees. 

There should be training sessions held at least annually to help employees understand what sexual harassment is, the types of sexual harassment – quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment, inform them about the complaint procedure as stated in the policy, and encourage them to use it if necessary since a large number of sexual harassment cases in the workplaces go unreported. The employees should be aware of their right to a fair workplace. 

  • Be proactive. 

In many situations, employees refuse to file a complaint because they are worried about the consequences. You should create a safe and open environment so that employees can file a complaint without hesitation. Establish confidential channels that employees can use to create reports quickly. Monitor the work environment and check in regularly with your employees. It helps show them that you genuinely care and encourages them to speak up and stand up against the offender. 

  • Be efficient. 

Offenders must be punished according to the policies stated regardless of their position in the company. If you fail to act effectively, your company will face an inevitable lawsuit, and other victims will refuse to come forward. Every complaint should be taken seriously and investigated carefully to determine the facts of the situation. Based on the outcome, you must take the right steps. 

Your sexual harassment attorney in Virginia enables you to create and adopt effective anti-sexual harassment policies. They understand the implications of a sexual harassment lawsuit on the future and reputation of your company and enable you to take the right action to maintain a fair and harassment-free environment in your workplace. 

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