Three Things Your Philadelphia, PA Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Do for You

If you get hurt on the job, your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance must cover your losses. Regardless of who caused the accident and how you got injured, you may be eligible for compensation. However, as insurance providers want to reduce or avoid cases of fraud, they have a tough claims process that claimants have to go through as they fight for the benefits they are entitled to. Thus, if you are a claimant, you must hire one of the best Philadelphia, PA workers’ compensation attorneys to advocate for you during this fight. Whether you want to file a workers’ comp claim or fight a claim denial, a good lawyer can help you get your full settlement. They will do the following to make this happen:

Collect Evidence

A worker’s compensation claim can get denied if the insurer decides there is a lack of medical evidence to justify a claim. Even if your claim can easily be approved, you still have to establish evidence to show that are qualified for compensation that covers all the damages you incurred due to the workplace accident and injury. 

Your lawyer can help collect evidence including medical records that the insurer will assess to validate your claim. Also, they can recommend and arrange doctors for either treatment or second opinions to boost your case. 

Negotiate Your Settlement

If the workers’ comp insurer fights against your claim, your attorney can negotiate with the company to reach a reasonable settlement. Your lawyer can deal with such negotiations and estimate your claims’ value. They can determine the extensiveness of your injuries and disabilities, come up with an estimate of your medical expenses, and determine your eligibility for back benefits. With your lawyer, you avoid making mistakes such as accepting a lowball settlement offer from the insurance provider.

Fight for Your Rights

If you and the insurance provider do not reach a settlement agreement, you may need to take your personal injury case to court. When this happens, the insurer will use their legal team to avoid huge payouts. So, you must have somebody on your side who can fight back. Your lawyer can gather depositions, get their team to do research, and collect medical records to support your injury case before a judge or jury. Also, they ensure all your legal documents including filings, responses, and motions are completed and submitted promptly. In Pennsylvania, you have three years to file for workers’ compensation benefits and your lawyer will ensure you meet all the legal deadlines that could affect your case. 

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Fawn Ward