Veterans Law Disability Advantage Clinic 

Various students at Harvard law school work tirelessly to safeguard veterans’ rights and their households together with persons with disability. Amongst them, other agencies work with veterans who are in their country. Some projects are being set aside to deal with veterans, and they are;

  • Veteran justice project 

The main aim of the veteran justice project is to provide comprehensive civil legal services to the low-income military, military veterans, service members and their households. The veteran justice project usually goes to the veterans and offers an opportunity for them to secure better homes, and it also allows them to be financially stable. Moreover, they engage veterans with public and mental health benefits. Other NGOs assist us in creating a home for the veterans. What the non-organizations do is that they collaborate with VA hospitals, various veteran centres and housing strategies throughout the city. 

The primary purpose of this project is to make sure veterans have a roof over their heads, have employment opportunities, have economic stability and be able to tackle any issue they encounter the same way people in the city are.  

  • Estate planning for veterans 

In estate planning projects, there are disability lawyers who are always ready to represent veterans and their dependents. The main aim of this agency is to make sure all veterans have a maximum degree of independence, stability and financial health. Some of the things they focus on are;

  • Wills.
  • Health care representatives.
  • Strong strengths of an advocate.
  • Funeral/memorial proclamations.
  • VA fiduciary issues.
  • Custody.

The people mainly represented by this agency are clients in Greater Boston, but when the situation is extraordinary, the agency can accept the client’s from outside. Our agency typically assists veterans who don’t have access to an advocate. Before taking in any client, the client has to be analysed for monetary eligibility. To do so, they have to look into the client’s earnings, bargains and expenditures and the availability of the alternative articulation. 

  • Veterans and the protection net 

The day that marks veteran’s day is the 11th of November, and this is usually a time to look into the veterans net and the know-how they are involved they are getting is sustaining them. With this, you will gather information on va disability claim status. Some of the things that are usually looked into in the veteran’s safety net are;

  • Accommodation aid: Since 2010, the number of homeless veterans has reduced a lot because of the new residence option coupons for all abandoned veterans, which started getting funded in 2008. 

  • Fitness coverage: Since fitness reforms, crucial coverage prerequisites have taken effect, and veterans have enjoyed health coverage. The States that are enjoying this coverage are the ones that adopted health reforms and Medicaid proliferation. 


Ever since veterans started getting the care they deserve, many have homes. They are financially stable because they have been issued with various job opportunities, and this helps them take care of their households and pay for their homes, making them feel like part of the civil members. 

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Mary Hammons