When hiring a divorce lawyer becomes essential: 5 Pointers 

If you live in Foothill Ranch or anywhere in California and want to file for divorce, one of your initial steps should be to consult an attorney. While the law allows you to represent yourself, dealing with the legalese is not easy. Also, divorce is an emotionally-draining time for most people, and you may have a hard time processing the decision. There are Foothill Ranch Family Law firms that can help you sort your concerns. Although a choice, here are five circumstances when hiring a divorce lawyer becomes essential. 

  1. You cannot decide between legal separation and divorce. Although the proceedings are similar, legal separation is not the end of a marriage in California, but the separating spouses can decide on key things like financing, child support, and parenting plans. If you cannot decide whether you should file for divorce or legal separation, a lawyer can explain the pros and cons based on your circumstances. 
  2. You have considerable marital property. In California, assets and debts are divided equally between spouses in a divorce. However, things can be different in each divorce, and when considerable assets are involved, you shouldn’t be rushing into the process. Let an attorney advise you on your rights and interests. 
  3. You have minor children. Divorces are particularly difficult when minor children are involved. Separating parents often fight over child custody and child support. Courts in California usually support joint custody plans, but if you don’t seem to agree with your spouse, you may want to have an attorney on your side. 
  4. You have an irrational spouse. If your spouse is someone who is unlikely to listen or agree to key issues or may contest your decisions, lawyering up is a wise step. While having an attorney doesn’t always resolve disputes immediately, you can expect to make more sensible decisions. If your spouse has hired an attorney, it’s a sign that they are going to fight the legal battle. 
  5. You don’t want to deal with the paperwork. It is a known fact that divorces involve paperwork and legal work, which can be hard to understand if you are not an attorney. If you think you want to focus on other aspects of your life rather than dealing with forms and documents, hire a lawyer. 

Most divorce lawyers in California charge an hourly rate, and you can get an estimate in advance during the first consultation. 

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Jessica Miller